Sunday, November 25, 2012

Breaking: Pakistan Google, Microsoft and Yahoo Get Released From Hackers After 15 Hours

Sunday, November 25, 2012
Google, Microsoft and Yahoo just got their Pakistani domains released by hackers, most of hacked websites are restored and are back to normal working as before, however some of them remain blocked and as it is for example

Homepages of these big domains that were hacked in the early morning yesterday, have now been restored and traffic is now normal as earlier.

Hackers were just willing to tell the authorities of these .PK domains that they can hack and deface the sites and they have done it well. Following was the sort of their statement while addressing targeted visitors 

Hacking For The Sake Of It: ‘Eboz’ Downed Google, Apple, Yahoo, Cisco, Visa, HSBC, Coca Cola, Blogspot, Sony, HP, eBay, PayPal and 300 Other Pakistani Sites, And Many More Just To Show It Can.

Earlier Google was quite about the issue as why its Pakistan edition was  hacked and it was predicted that restoration of . PK domains is possible on Monday because offices remain closed on weekends, however Google and other major companies like Microsoft, Yahoo and Yahoo administrations stepped forward and got it restored even on weekend.

Find below the updated list of released and hacked . PK domains in Pakistan:

The list of Restored/Released Major .PK Domains in Pakistan

The list of Still Hacked Major .PK Domains in Pakistan


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