Sunday, September 30, 2012

Anti-Islam Film | The Biggest Terrorism in the World

Sunday, September 30, 2012

In a coordinated efforts of Zionists, we have witnessed the trend of attempts to blaspheme Islam and smudge the image of the Muslims in the global community.

That on September 11, pastor Terry Jones had brought blasphemous film the ‘Innocence of Muslims’ to the attention of world where he had a live stream on the internet in which he had tried to blaspheme the Person of the Holy Prophet of Islam and hurt the sentiments of all the religious communities including Muslims and believers of all faiths and religions in any part of the world. Anti-Islam film is the biggest terrorism in the world and all religious communities stand firm and united on this fact.

Therefore protesters consisting of children, youngsters and even weak people of old age who supposedly were not able to join the rally of hundreds of thousands of people coming from all streets, all localities and all societies of every city of Pakistan joined the rally, just like in any other part of Muslim world, gathered into their cities marching towards a commonplace for a peaceful protest against the evil forces who work hand in hand to spread hatred and stoke violence with their main agenda to foster enmity against the Muslim community in the whole world.

These protesters were out to show the world that we love Our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and wanted to deliver the message to the world that we are peaceful nation and we demanded that these evil forces should be hanged till death.

In fact, there are influential parties in Karachi which are actively engaged in propagating the seeds of antagonism against Pakistan and Islam.

The terrorist party Mutahada Qaumi Movement (MQM) has over the recent year killed 7000 thousand people just in Karachi. The leaders of MQM naturally spare no efforts in their hate-mongering campaign, sullying the name of Pakistan and Islam and inviting their members to crusade against the Muslims of the state.

The MQM group has been facing with a deluge of criticism from all over Pakistan and received over thousands of complaints with the businessmen in Karachi who deny to pay extortion money required by the party but there is no one in the country including the treacherous and corrupt government to stop their terrorist activities. The leader of the group Altaf Hussain who still barks from UK over the phone to address the people gathered on gun point who sit and listen to his nonsense and praise him, his group and vote them for the sake of their lives.

Similarly a representative group English Defense League (EDL) which is funded by the Zionist Jews and Christians in the UK who has developed many sister organizations like Norwegian Defense League (NDL) across the world, especially in America and Europe who often come to EDL in UK for training purposes. No wonder, these terrorist organizations are passionately on a single mission which is to fight against Islam and one of their leader has referred to the Muslims as dogs that “eat each other alive.”

It merits mentioning here that in protests the organizations like black-water sent their agents with black mask on their faces who burnt the petrol pumps, looted banks, fired vehicles and killed 23 members of peaceful rallies.

In the meantime, Pakistani mainstream media tried to deceive public opinion with the help of paid analysts and anchor persons who interpreted the protests as riots.

Similar role was played by western media because disturbing the sentiments of over 1 billion Muslims across the world does not fit in the definition of freedom of speech. In fact, it is an affront not only to all the Muslims but also to believers of all faiths and religions.

Message for American Zionists:

At first you were not ready to even listen to us and now you have arrested pastor Terry Jones. Listen! these protests are not going to end until the death of pastor.

You have started this we will end this InshAllah!

sun lo americio hum tumhari moot hain!!!

Message for Muslim World:

Do not stop protests until these Americans and United Nation (UN) don't impose the law of Tahafuz e Namoos e Risalat (PBUH) on international level! Create awareness in every locality and society around you. Keep spreading the word. Allah is with us, we will win InshAllah.

YA RASOOL ALLAH (PBUH) we are shameful that Your enemies are still alive.


  1. Labaik Ya Rasool Allah (PBUH)

  2. If america continues to deny to listen to our demands such bigotry will harm the global peace of the world

  3. Terry Jones is the biggest terrorist in the world

  4. I agree that stupid disgrace to humanity whoever Terry must be reprimanded however I have other concerns on this too. We have lost all the rights to protest and save the sanctity of our religion with our own actions. We were to record the protest in the consulate but did we? We should have had such an impact in the world that when we asked companies like Google to remove the video from Youtube, Google should have done that fearing that if it doesn't then Pakistan will harm its economy and popularity. They didn't have any such fear because we have no standing or position in the world.

    For me, we have lost our faiths and unless we regain our faith, nothing will change. Things will only get worse.

    I have always been against such things but I don't see others protesting against them. For example, I always said why Muslims are not coming out on the streets for movies made on Hazrat Eesa (AS). For us Hazrat Eesa (AS) should be just as important no? If yes, why didn't we protest for OUR Hazrat Eesa (AS). Many movies have even shown Hazrat Yousuf (AS) now. So I think we have lost our rights to protest now. It's just a wave of anger and wrath what people are doing on the streets and nothing more than that.

    Anyways good post and I am sure many of the protesters were really concerned about the issue than just acting crazy out there to damage public properties and looting whatever valuables that were at hand. May Allah help us all.

  5. Muslims are considered weak due to their bad actions no doubt! If we have had followed Quran and Sunnah, there was no power in the world to stand against Us. We should get on a right path ordered By Allah Almighty and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and these Zionist powers will bow down.

    But we will win InshAllah Islam is the religion of Allah and Allah Almighty is with us not with these sionist. This time is just a test by Allah as promised, and we have to stand firm against enemies.

  6. I still want you to remove the message for Americans. Americans are not our enemies, only enemies are our enemies. I mean what's other people's fault who had nothing to do with this movie, its making and release? Or may be you want to change the title to "Message for American Government".

    1. This has been edited Majid but all in all it was never for all Americans. There are lot of Muslims and other religious communities who stand united and firm against those Zionists.

  7. Saudi king urges UN action against religious insults

  8. Finally someone form Arab took a stand!


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