Thursday, October 18, 2012

Know When Wateen HotSpot is Nearby You

Thursday, October 18, 2012
Wateen HotSpot is a compensated WiFi service, which is being provided free of any expenses for a short while only.

The internet has become a fundamental element of modern way of life with high speed internet clients anticipating entry to services with quality experience everywhere. In order to assist in the needs of the community, wateen has created WiFi hotspots at key places of the town, such as resorts, dining places, bars and more. It is amazing feel to have one of these Wi-Fi hotspots nearby you.

I have come up with a list of all available hotspots being provide by Wateen in your city (Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi). For those of you who wish to know ahead of time you are at a place where there is a Wateen Wi-Fi hotspot, you are at the place. Look below for your location and keep enjoying Wateen internet services for free.

If you are a new user, you need to get registered by providing some of your details including CNIC on your mobile phone connected to Wateen Wi-Fi hotspot. It is very comprehensive process to get registered. I hope you enjoy the service.

Be aware that these hotspots are deployed for the purpose for allowing students obtain important access to the several academic resources on the internet.

ID Location City
739784 Sichuan Resturant Mini Market LHR Lahore
740061 Xsin Kuang Resturant Gulberg LHR Lahore
739788 Heng Shang Resturant Gulberg LHR Lahore
742771 Stevies Golder Work DHA LHR Lahore
742845 Tai Pei Resturant Gulberg LHR Lahore
742848 John Hair Saloon DHA LHR Lahore
742852 Punjab University CIT Mall LHR Lahore
742854 Roasters Resturant Gulberg LHR Lahore
812459 Time n Taste Resturant Gulberg LHR Lahore
743513 Golden Fort Resturant Gulberg LHR Lahore
743508 Xiwan Resturant MM Alam Road LHR Lahore
749855 SKANS Gulberg LHR Lahore
749992 OPTP MM Alam Road LHR Lahore
749997 Cosa Nostra Gulberg LHR Lahore
777644 Olive Grill MM Alam Road LHR Lahore
750023 Café Zouk Resturant Gulberg LHR Lahore
751730 Ali Tower MM Alam Road LHR Lahore
751685 Memories Resturant MM Alam Road LHR Lahore
765986 Gun Smoke Resturant MM Alam Road LHR Lahore
Dera RestaurantKamran Anwar Lahore
756632 Mei-Kong Chinese RestaurantMohammad Yasin Lahore
Al-Madina Shopping Mall Tanveer Haris Lahore
Sheikhoos Café Gulberg LHR Lahore
806545 Bon Fire Restaurant Johar Town LHR Lahore
761866 Ze Grill Johar Town LHR Lahore
761875 DHA EME Club EME LHR Lahore
761886 Metro C&C Thokar LHR Lahore
763616 SKANS Tariq Block Garden Town LHR Lahore
763636 SKANS Sher Shah Block Garden Town LHR Lahore
765948 Zee Grill Valencia LHR Lahore
764993 Zee Grill DHA EME LHR Lahore
764997 Olive Grill DHA EME LHR Lahore
765886 PlayBoy Saloon Allama Iqbal Town LHR Lahore
765926 Lahore College for Women Jail Road LHR Lahore
765894 Safron Restaurant Johar Town LHR Lahore
765903 Al Diwania Restaurant Johar Town LHR Lahore
765910 Caspian Sea Restaurant Johar Town LHR Lahore
773968 Honda Fort Queens Road LHR Lahore
812599 Hair Club Gulberg LHR Lahore
774730 Young Again Gulberg LHR Lahore
774733 Cafe Rock Gulberg LHR Lahore
773969 CFE College Gulberg LHR Lahore
773972 Nadeem Restaurant Gulberg LHR Lahore
773973 Namkeen Restaurant Gulberg LHR Lahore
773976 Hotspot Qaddafi Stadium LHR Lahore
773977 Cosmetique Zafar Ali Road LHR Lahore
774482 Pak Asia Grill Main Market LHR Lahore
774510 Deream Lounge Gulberg LHR Lahore
Sichuan Garden Johar Town LHR Lahore
Depilex Beauty Clinic Shadman LHR Lahore
Farooq Hospital Iqbal Town LHR Lahore
801623 Café Reload LHR Lahore
801624 Espresso Gulberg LHR Lahore
812606 Hotspot Clock Chown DHA LHR Lahore
804206 Burger Corner Mini Market LHR Lahore
804220 Lahore Chatkhara Mini Market LHR Lahore
811974 De Latle Lounge Lahore
804235 Hot Fuzon Lounge Lahore
812603 School of Business & Management Lahore
805369 OPTP DHA LHR Lahore
805376 Arizona Grill DHA LHR Lahore
805381 Shezan Restaurant DHA LHR Lahore
806196 Nairang Café Jail Road LHR Lahore
806198 Ejaz Gallery Gulberg LHR Lahore
806573 Gino's'S Johar Town LHR Lahore
806576 Gino's DHA LHR Lahore
815406 Pizza Cone Garden Town LHR Lahore
817773 Beaconhouse National University Gulberg LHR Lahore
821475 Surgimed Hospital Gulberg LHR Lahore
821558 BETS Lahore
821577 Alrazi Healthcare Gulberg LHR Lahore
826134 CPE College Garden Town LHR Lahore
740064 Chase Shopping Mall Khalid bin Waleed Road KHI Karachi
740066 Chase Shopping Mall Saima Bridge View KHI Karachi
740120 Hamdard University Khalid bin Waleen Road KHI Karachi
740591 Hamdard University Tipu Sultan Road KHI Karachi
740086 Hamdard University North KHI Karachi
740069 Chase Up Mall Nipa KHI Karachi
740090 Ciao Italian Café Zamzama KHI Karachi
740083 Le Grand Café Zamzama KHI Karachi
740582 Gun Smoke Zamzama KHI Karachi
740080 Indus Institute Gulshan Iqbal KHI Karachi
742841 Zero Degree Café Zamzama KHI Karachi
747123 Ary Cash n Carry Rashid Minhas Road KHI Karachi
745698 Subway Teen Talwar Clifton 8 KHI Karachi
746363 Chase Up Shaheed e Millat Road KHI Karachi
749866 Chase Up Hassan Square KHI Karachi
749872 Hamdard Dental Hospital Khi Karachi
749874 OPTP DHA KHI Karachi
749389 Subway Civil Lines KHI Karachi
749397 Subway MACHS KHI Karachi
750122 Subway Rashid Minhas Rd KHI Karachi
749422 Subway Hashoo Terrace KHI Karachi
749429 Subway Malir KHI Karachi
763652 Sir Syed University KHI Karachi
749861 Magna Mall Rashid Minhas Road KHR Karachi
751707 Millennium Mall Gulshan Iqbal KHI Karachi
751720 Subway Resturant Bahadurabad KHI Karachi
763650 Subway Zamzama DHA Phase 5 KHI Karachi
764419 Urban Grill Restaurant Bahadurabad KHI Karachi
799240 Artrium Mall (Regent Properties Pvt Ltd) Karachi
804807 Nawab Restaurant Karachi
804241 Bumzees Gulshan Iqbal KHI Karachi
804243 Naheed super Store Old Building Bahadurabad KHI Karachi
804246 Naheed Super Store New Building Bahadurabad KHI Karachi
804808 Butlers Chocolate Cafe Karachi
806200 Pizza Ponit Khayaban-e-Shamsheer DHA KHI Karachi
806203 Pizza Ponit Al-Habib Arcade North Nazimabad KHI Karachi
812755 Pizza Ponit Gulshan-e-Iqbal KHI Karachi
806205 Clifton Hospital Clifton KHI Karachi
806207 Student Biryani Disco Bakery KHI Karachi
821594 Student Biryani Bahadurabd KHI Karachi
751701 Hamdard University F8 ISB Islamabad
773967 Chocolate Pastry Shop F7 ISB Islamabad
774490 Tandoori Restaurant F8 ISB Islamabad
774495 KIM Mun Restaurant Jinnah Super ISB Islamabad
812921 Khiva Restaurant F6 ISD Islamabad
774490 Tandoori Restaurant F8 ISD Islamabad
812932 Rock Bistro Restaurant F10 ISD Islamabad
773967 Chocolate Pastry Shop F7 ISD Islamabad
826077 Signature Rest. Jinnah Super ISD Islamabad
813337 Mehfil Rest. Kashmir Highway ISD Islamabad
821564 Rahman & Rahman Dental Sugeons ISD Islamabad
826115 National Press Club ISD Islamabad
If you are having trouble using this service or having connectivity issues, you can approach Wateen helpline by calling at 111365111.


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