Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mubasher Lucman's Website Gets Hacked

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mubasher Lucman, television talk show Host and a columnist having 150,590 followers on twitter and 1511 likes of his Facebook page just got hacked his website again by some one called Jr. r00t. 

Hacker seems to have done it already when I saw his Mubasher's message on his Facebook page. Where he mentioned that his site was hacked by someone however he deleted the account of hacker by his power.

Someone Hacked My Page And Was Posting Something Bad In It Now I Again Taken This Page From That Boy Who Hacked My Page And Through My Power I Deleted His Account?

I think the hacker accepted the challenge to take revenge and in anger he has taken away his website again. Previously when his website was hacked, the hacker used vulgar language. But I have not seen anything showing bad as of now except the following message.

Hacked By Jr. r00t
y0 PhuNk Ass Leet, waNNa Be Hackers.. aha... Go HoMe ... and cya NeXt tiMe... SoMe 1 challengd, SeRver caNNot be hacked By any 1.. lol>
- = - [ J r . r 0 0 t ] - = -

Looks like someone is targeting his site deliberately. I think he really needs to get some security parameters to keep his website live.


  1. Oopps poor Mubasher

    1. Hacker seems to be a funny person as his message suggests

  2. Yeah you are right he said SoMe 1 challengd, SeRver caNNot be hacked By any 1.. lol>

  3. Lucman message was also funny lol

  4. still same. seems like he does not bother for it anymore!

  5. still block no actions taken yet!

  6. Update: Mubasher Lucman Looks for New Website After Getting Hacked


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