Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wi-Tribe Offers Unlimited Internet Packages

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Finally wi-tribe has announced unlimited package for its users. Wi-tribe unlimited internet packages are now available at lower rates with 2 new buckets of 1 MB and 2 MB for Rs. 1,399 and 1,999 respectively.

It has been confirmed that only postpaid users can avail this facility at the moment. Existing users will automatically be converted to new discounted rates. Whereas new customers need to ask specifically for discounted prices when the purchase connection.

It merits mentioning here that Wateen Telecom who is offering unlimited packages with initially 1000 GB’s assigned that is almost unreachable by consumers in a month. But Wateen still promises to increase your cap if you call their customer care after consuming 1000 GB’s in any month unlike wi-tribe who is offering unlimited services with following caps:

For 512 speed you will get 30GB data
For 1MB speed you will get 30GB data
For 2 MB speed you will get 40GB data

So I believe wi-tribe needs revision to its packages.

As per our discussion with wi-tribe customer care, you can get unlimited internet connectivity at 512 Kbps speed for just Rs. 999.

Things you must know about wi-tribe:

Upon purchase of any connection, you will be required to make an advance transaction of refundable security first deposit similar to your per month cost, along with initial charges
Rs.50 per month service expenses appropriate on all offers. 
Excess utilization will be billed at Rs. 0.10 per MB 
For came back Pc and Wi-Fi locations, Rs. 250 will be billed for losing adapters

*fair usage policy applies


  1. Wateen download services are lot better than wi-tribe

  2. You are right Mahfooz wi-tribe need to revise it

  3. how much does wateen unlimited cost

  4. Comeon witribe make some sense

    1. Wateen is costly but wi-tribe is limited


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