Saturday, December 08, 2012

Wateen Shuts Down Coverage Map and Other Portals

Saturday, December 08, 2012
Wateen broadband footprint just got disappeared from internet as Wateen stopped providing coverage information on its map at Currently Wateen coverage map website is accessible and live, however apparently as per the message “sorry the service is not available now” they no longer wish to provide coverage info to customers momentarily.

As reported earlier that Wateen Telecom is no longer offering services in six cities Hyderabad, Sukkur and Quetta, Peshawar, Dera Ismail Khan and Faisalabad. Possible reason behind shutting down coverage map would be to redesign map with the latest coverage that Wateen itself owns for customers. 

Following is the look of Wateen coverage website:

It merits mentioning here is that this is not the first time Wateen is taking some service away from you, there is a lot more you really need to know about what is Wateen management of Websites/Portals is upto:

Wateen had a portal that covered lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, events, technology and most importantly it had a forum for customers to complaint about Wateen which was a great way to bring the real picture of what Wateen is capable of in terms services. It was helpful for the existing and new customers as they were easily being familiar with the latest issues that occurs while using services and how to get them fixed. 

Hope you remember Wateen gaming portal it attracted a lot of customers but strangely enough it has been closed down also.

Wateen Gaming Portal offered following services:

Having thousands of registered users the Gaming portal was home to the Online Gaming Community in Pakistan
The service offered competitive, online gaming supported through a proprietary software which stream lines the process of playing online

Wateen offered following online games to its customers for free

Counter-Strike 1.6
Counter-Strike: Source
Call of Duty 4
Call of Duty 5
Medal of Honor: Spearhead
Team Fortress 2
Battlefield 2
Left 4 Dead
Quake III Arena
The Witcher
Fall out 3
Metal Gear Solid 4

Gaming Cafes on Board

Neomatrix Gaming Network
Fariya Xtreme Gaming
Each network had multiple cafes in their respective cities (Lahore and Karachi) and were connected on the Wateen Gaming Network.

I hope you are familiar with the recent shut down of Wateen Entertainment Portal that brings movies to download, entertainment, music and more.

Wateen Presented "Yellow Pages Of Pakistan" City Xplorer that has also been shut down since long, it had following features:

It was Pakistan's First Mobile Phone Yellow Pages. City Xplorer CX  was Pakistan's prime and most searchable portal. City Xplorer helped users to surf & search any source in Pakistan specially in Karachi, Lahore, & Islamabad. It assured global visitors by delivering updated Business Data and Place of Interests (POI) of Pakistan, using State-of-the-Art Technology. It helped you find business in Pakistan, Buyers & Sellers were never as accessible to browse and find but with City Xplorer - Pakistan Yellow Pages.

Following images are being pasted just for a reference: 


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