Saturday, October 27, 2012

Purchasing of Animals for Sacrifice From The Online Goat Markets

Saturday, October 27, 2012

In Karachi, demand for goats and cows for sacrifice has especially been low following an economic meltdown and fears of unrest in the outlying areas of Karachi City. Various animal traders have returned to their native areas including interior Sindh and Punjab without selling their cows because of poor situation of law and order and unstable business in the cattle market of the City, reported The Nation today.

Though traditional animal dealers continue to wait for buyers, a large number of people in Karachi have recommended purchasing animals for sacrifice on the internet due to unsafe situation of law and order in the metropolis.  According to information, purchasing a goat for sacrifice on Eidul Azha has become a lot easier this year. No more boring search for the right choose or negotiating over the cost with the animal traders. Citizens used IT technological innovation to buy sacrificial animal on the eve of Eid as on the internet animal arranging service was first time provided in this city to prevent protection threats and complications.

How Does The Online Selling of Animals Happen:

The new trend of online goat market is providing photos, videos, and other descriptions such as the type and price of animals for sale at different web sites. Atif Babar, a resident of Shadman Town Karachi, who purchased two goats from the online goat market, he told that he had been drawn to the online markets due to option of paying a price based on the actual weight of the animal.

Why Online Goat Market is Better Than Traditional Market:

In the traditional cattle markets the customers are seen bargaining over the prices of the sacrificial animals and the animal dealers normally demand ten times higher prices of their cattle. In the online gallery, details such as the weight, number of teeth, age, photo, price and the name of animal are to help customers select the animal of his choice. The animals’ prices may be a little higher but this is often compensated by the option of having the animal delivered to you.

How Goat Market Websites Won the Trust of the Customers:

A resident of Karachi informed that if the animals are not the same as publicized on the web page, customers have the choice of canceling the deal with dealer.


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