Thursday, December 27, 2012

Malik Naureed Awan and MMA Group of Companies Exposed as Scam in Pakistan

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The owner of MMA Airlines and many other companies such as the name of MMA have been exposed to be fraud. It is being claimed by TV channels that the owner Malik Naureed Awan is an international fraudster who has fled dubai due to his illegal work. 

If you got a chance to be in Islamabad over the recent months, you must have seen excessive advertisement of MMA forex, MMA Bank and MMA Airlines on every major road.

A 26-year-old Pakistani businessman from Abbottabad, Malik Naureed Awan, who also happens to be singer Annie Khalid's Husband, claims that the worlds forex market is $3.9 trillion, and his company share is $1 trillion of conducting business. I wonder how did he even dare to tell a lie on a media so bluntly. He even allured anchors for personality boost to provide them forex account trading for income purposes.

It is said that 99% Online Forex Trading companies in Pakistan conduct fraud. They use fake online trading software where they can control each and every thing. They transfer client's money in their abroad accounts and then control client's trading.

Take a look at the profile of MMA Group of Companies:

  • MMA Airline is part of the MMA Group of Companies which has interests in heavy machinery and equipment trading, financial services (forex trading), advertisement and events management.
  • The company's business spreads across Ireland, Switzerland, Uganda, South Africa and the UAE. 
  • MMA Online Trading Services (MMA Forex) is one of the world's leading online forex trading brokers, with over 100,000 registered customers worldwide, and volumes of more than $20 billion a month.
  • Awan said he started his business in forex trading in Ireland by setting up a company in 2006 with a team of finance professionals and experts.
  • However, MMA Group's origin lies in MMA Heavy Machinery, set up in 1995.
  • Having several branches in about 75 countries, mostly in Europe, MMA Forex made its entry in to the Middle East in 2010.
  • MA Forex is backed by a major financial institution with over $17 billion in assets under management and is rated A+ by an S&P affiliated rating agency.
  • The company launched MMA Bank GT in Zurich, last year.
Watch this video for more details:


  1. He promised 10% returns per month on forex trading. As a trader when ppl approached me with this and I told them that this is not possible without exposing the investing capital to high risk ratios, ppl didnt beleive me. They opened accounts with $50k and now have approached me in how can I help them get back their money. This man has looted ppl of their life savings.

  2. Trading is an extremely complex and focus intensive business. Unfortunatley it is advetised as lucrative way of making extra money. Beleive me guys it is not. There is a famous saying amongst us traders "it is the hardest way to make easy money".

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  4. I agree 100% that this guy has looted many poor peoples money those who just deposited in in November and on December they were closed and ran away. Still people are in dark today on 16 February 2013 what will happen to their investment either they are going to get their money or ifs gone. It's a everyday story that today or tomorrow you are going to get profit but very Sory he has runaway. No hopes now. I have filed the case against him and would like others to go for the same. If you are being looted close the door for such people to loot others. Please don't take it easy.

  5. He is a behenchood and mother fucker

  6. I am also doing business and i know all these fraud
    It is impossible to give 10% on your total one can give 10 percent profit .so its a simple logic

  7. I am new in forex and i was told by MMA Online that they will pay me 10% profit on $ 10,000 Investment. I am new here so please provide me more information about MMA online whether is it genuine.

  8. the ppl wo will go through with investment with MMA will take a big loss

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