Thursday, October 04, 2012

Introducing UBL Islamic Cash Fund

Thursday, October 04, 2012

UBL Finance Managers, one of Pakistan’s major Asset Control Companies, has declared the release of its new Shariah-compliant financial commitment program.

UBL Islamic Cash Fund (UICF) is handled under UBL Funds SIRAJ – the Islamic Investment strategies Department of UBL Finance Professionals. UBL Islamic Cash Fund (UICF) is a mutual fund financial commitment program that offers an ideal financial commitment service and allows you to generate an eye-catching and constant Riba free return on your money while offering you the versatility of withdrawing your money any time you want and you can use a UICF account as a ‘parking place’ for money.

The major financial commitment of UICF are in High ranked Islamic Financial institutions and in Islamic Govt Investment strategies, which gives an eye-catching return of 8% to 9% yearly. For example if you invest Rs.100,000/ you can get a predicted return of Rs.750/- per month. There is no minimum having period and no expenses on financial commitment or drawback. The program is designed to provide customers with an aggressive and constant come back by investing insecure Shariah-compliant Government Securities and Deposits with high ranked Islamic Financial institutions.

The time your money is placed in UICF – whether it is for a day, a week or a few months, you can generate a Riba free daily return. And as opposed to a savings account, there is no set term having period need – which mean you enjoy access to your money at all times with an option of same day redemption.

All investments in the program will be made under the assistance and supervision of the Shariah Advisory Panel of the program. The Panel comprises of well-known Islamic Scholars Mufti Muhammad Najeeb Khan and Mufti Muhammad Hassan Kaleem.

UBL Fund Managers Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Bank Limited, and ranks amongst the top asset management companies in Pakistan. The company provides an extensive range of Islamic & conventional financial investment solutions to help meet clients’ needs.

How to Invest:

For existing UBL netbanking customers:

If you already have a UBL Funds investment account, you can invest online, by logging in to your UBL netbanking account and go to payments, Funds Investment.

If you don’t have a UBL Funds Investment Account:

  • Fill Account Opening form and Investor profiling form.  To download forms Click Here
  • Attach copy of your CNIC along with the form
  • Enclose payment instrument in Pak Rupees in favor of Trustee (as per investment form)
  • Attach Zakat Declaration (optional)
  • Attach business/employment proof (e.g. visiting card)
  • You can send the above required documents to Operations Office Karachi i.e.

UBL Fund Managers - Operations Office
4th Floor, STSM Building, Beaumont Road,
Civil Lines, Karachi


  1. Ubl thanks for offering it with out riba

  2. you are right guru g

  3. This is better than forex atleast there are no risks of losing your hard earned money

  4. You are right Sooda! Forex is a hell of risk.

  5. Have you used this yet?

  6. Edbiz consultingMarch 13, 2013 4:38 pm

    Thanx UBL for the Shariah based feature..more for Shariah Adviosry


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