Friday, October 19, 2012

Tracking of Pakistani E-mails, Telephone Calls To Start Within 90 Days

Friday, October 19, 2012

Deadline of 90-day has been given by the government to the Pakistan Telecommunication and operators to begin tracking of all e-mails, phone telephone calls and other devices with the world, reported The News today.

The newspaper said the govt has allocated PTCL and other providers to set up tracking devices by the end of this year for verifying speech and e-mail devices from overseas and the solutions of the nation's spy organization will be used generally to examine and control blasphemous and indecent sites on the Internet.

It merits mentioning here that this increase of JD’s in Telecom sector will bring in the opportunity for a lot of unemployed people as companies would be needing more and more vigilant monitoring though it is to be done with the help of tracking tools but it needs man power to keep looking into the alerts and alarms that these tools generate. 

This is a good initiative by the government which is going to bring a big positive change in the country, be it looking after terrorist activities and tracking them or blocking and shutting down the Zionist’s network that hurt Muslims by spreading blasphemous content. 

We have already got YouTube Banned and over the recent days we have witnessed Pakistani government to take steps to block blasphemous content on Google. We can now see a series of actions by the government to stop these activities which is a result of Protests Conducted by the People of Pakistan and especially the role of all great Muslim scholars is adorable as they have pushed the government for this stance by either registering petitions in the high court or by realizing the importance of the issue in general public and gathered them to be united at least in this case.

Sikandar Naqi, senior professional v. p.  told the paper  “the regulator, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), has allocated 14 LDIs, such as PTCL, to set up this tracking equipment,”.

He said the PTA had set up a system to examine 15 gb (GB) traffic proactively arriving from worldwide tracks at a price of $10 million in 2008. Now this worldwide visitors from overseas has improved to 275 GB so the price of tracking could be greater.

He banished the impact that after putting International Cleaning House (ICH), the amount of inbound phone calls from overseas especially from European countries, US and Canada had gone up to unmatched levels, declaring that in the pre-ICH the accepted cancellations rate was standing at 6.25 cents which went up to 8.80 cents from Oct 1, 2012.

The cancellations prices of other nations revealed that the rate being billed by Pakistan was not uncommon as it was standing at 8 to 10 cents in Western Partnership, 16 cents in Afghanistan, 21.5 cents in Oman, 10 cents in Philippines, 15 cents in Norwegian, 15 cents in Qatar, 9.5 cents in Sri Lanka, 10.5 cents in Saudi Arabic, 13 cents in UAE and 8 cents in UK Cellular.

So far the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has gathered $40 million in the first 15 times of Oct after putting ICH procedure and the govt desires $1 billion dollars in the whole financial year.


  1. Mahfooz! What makes you think that our so-called government is not under the spell of Zionists? How could they even take a right step when they are the followers of the WRONG? Can you imagine Devil spreading the word of peace and unity? In the same way, this government is not capable (I am using the words "not capable" here) of doing something right.

    This is now going to be another way of cash inflow for the bloody government. Don't even try to tell me to use good words for them, I won't. They are always thinking of new ways to add more to their accounts and that's it. Being a citizen of Pakistan who has BILLION other problems, I think it's nothing but crap. Talk about bringing the petrol, flour, pulses and all food items' prices down and I will definitely love that.

    As far as banning the Youtube is concerned, I think it means nothing: it is just another way for government to fool the nation by showing that they care - they don't! Providing jobs? Are you serious? What about the poor people who are not in any position and will not be in any to educate their children? What about their jobs? You have a house with weak foundations waiting to fall any moment and you're busy cleaning the windows so it looks beautiful? That's just unbelievable.

    It's the same government that's trying to propagandize the issue of Malala to malign the Molvis. I hate this government because it's devil unleashed and nothing else. The Zionists you curse; this government is a subsidiary of those Zionists.

    Banning Youtube was not a good idea. They should have banned the CONTENT only. Why am I not supporting the ban on Youtube is because I think it's the only website in the world with unfathomable data on ISLAM. I used to watch some great Islamic videos on it but now I can't. I used to answer to so many of those Atheists and anti-religion people on Youtube when they uploaded something against Islam. But now I can't. Good going PTA and the bloody government. I wish this government rots in hell and dies the death of burning pigs. Amen!

  2. Majid thanks for nice comments! I am not at all in favor of this corrupt govt of all time. But I think we should appreciate if some good task is being done by them. Being in Telecom industry and spending lots of hours for vigilant proactive monitoring, I can understand the importance of this task which will ultimately bring job opportunities by Telecom companies and not by govt. Companies will be forced to employ man power for these trackings and PTA will maintain a check on it later on to ensure that the work is being done properly. I hate this govt also but I love the blockade of YouTube which is a good task however done by this govt. For those of you really need youtube you can access it anytime. There are tons of tweaks and softwares out there, which will enable you use it without any limits.

    You saying of "I wish this government rots in hell and dies the death of burning pigs". I say Amen to this also.

  3. You know what Taliban s did for their communication when this happened last time, they simply used to save drafts at one end and then the other party logged into the same account read the message with sending and receiving any message. so fuck this govt monitoring our emails and teasing us by one way or another they need more innovative technology for tracking terrorists.

  4. Sorry I missed some words the other party read the emails without sending or receiving any message. This way no one can track them.

  5. I agree with you Majid. Stay blessed!

  6. well this is a bull shit

  7. hahah what do you have in there?

  8. govt efforts to maintain peace in Pak with innovative measures are cordial welcomed


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