Friday, October 19, 2012

Breaking: Warid Presents Nano SIMs for iPhone 5 Users

Friday, October 19, 2012

We are proud to break the news of Nano-Sims availability for Warid users. 

As we already know that Standard SIMs cannot be used with the iPhone 5, released by The apple company lately, who has presented a nano-SIM plate instead of the Standard SIM for the sake of style and to allow the slim type aspect of the new system.

After Mobilink and Ufone, Warid has taken instant step to ensure that Warid customers are allowed to use the iPhone 5 on Warid network, it has also declared the availability of Nano-SIMs for its users in Pakistan from 22nd October 2012. 

Warid users can get the nano-SIM by simply visiting a customer care center.

Be aware that this information is based on a tweet received from Warid Officials on Twitter as screen shot is pasted below and confirmation has also been taken by customer services department.

For those of you who have got the iPhone 5 already and were waiting for Warid nano-SIM, you can visit the customer care center on coming Monday morning to get your standard sim replaced with nano-SIM and make sure to contact their helpline once before paying visit.


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