Friday, October 26, 2012

Students of PU Still Without Laptops - Wont Vote for Shahbaz Sharif

Friday, October 26, 2012

As we already know that Shahbaz Sharif distributed 13605 laptops among students from over 70 departments of the Punjab University that were registered by the Punjab government during the first phase of the laptop distribution ceremony that was held on March 23 this year. But still thousands of students of Punjab University who were registered in the first phase of laptop distribution are still without laptops, reported Pakistan Today on Friday October 26, 2012. 

According to the criteria which the Punjab government had announced Students of evening and replica were registered. The officials concerned continue to beat about the bush and the students are still without laptops. 

Huma Ejaz, a student from the Mass Communication Department said, “I keep getting calls and SMSes from the chief minister but what is the point if I haven’t got the laptop.

Some students also held protests but to no avail. The names of the students are also registered on the website.

As per PU official, the department had even sent a reminder three times. They sent all the documents to the department and the delay is on their end.

As per students, these laptops are just a political game and the Punjab government has distributed them to get votes. Having said that Punjab government is just trying to overcome the issue through the Punjab Youth Festival as they are not taking PU students seriously. 

As per officials there is a shortage of laptops so the students will have to wait.

PU Students claim that they will never vote for CM Shahbaz Sharif because the Punjab govt has not taken them seriously and 6,000 students are still without laptops.


  1. PU students do you only vote those offer laptops

  2. this scheme sucks!


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