Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Why Do Foreign Online Withdrawals Get Delays and How to Receive Funds Timely

Tuesday, December 25, 2012
Ever wonder why does it take so much time for funds to arrive in you local account in Pakistan or any other part of the world. When you withdraw money online from your abroad account (whether it is forex trading account or any other simple transaction) and wait for its arrival in your debit card or credit card where sender party claims that they executed your withdrawal request the same day you requested and amount will reflect in your card within three business days but actually process takes two weeks or even more than a month in most cases.

For those of you who are going to try this first time may go through the worst scenarios. When you complain to sender party that after a week you have not received the funds, they provide you with proof that the funds are processed from their side and you should ask your bank where is the delay. Unluckly your bank won't be helpfull also because most of bankers rarely know the scenarios you are discussing with them.

There are cases where you will find yourself helpless when you wont have any support online as well, probably becasue you are the first who got indulged into this and finally end up posting a review all over the internet claiming that they are an un licenced scam that steals clients moneys.

Well friend of mine come from a banking background and in his experience an intermediary bank is usually used by the sender’s bank when sending funds in a currency that is different from it’s home currency. So for example, if you send USD (from US) to Spain (where the home currency is EUR), your bank will use an intermediary bank. If on the other hand, if their bank sends EUR to France (where both countries have EUR as the home currency), their bank will not use an intermediary bank. He believes that this is the issue in the delay of receiving the funds.

So if your in Pakistan having Rupee account and you make an international transaction online via credit card or debit card, this is obvious that you will be charged in foreign currency lets say US Dollar. In case you look for funds to be back in your card, you make a withdraw request, you have to be aware that you will get your funds after they get cleared from intermediary bank.

Alternatively if you want to make frequent transactions online and keep sending and receving funds, it is highly recommened that you open an account in that currency you are dealing with for funds to arrive within a week (three business days) becasue that way you are filtering intermediary bank and having funds delivered directly to your home bank.

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