Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PTCL Deploys Performance Monitoring System from Suntech

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Suntech S.A., a telecommunications solutions provider, has successfully implemented its
SunVizion Network Performance Monitoring system at Pakistan Telecommunication
Company Limited (PTCL).

SunVizion Network Performance Monitoring developed by Suntech will perform the
monitoring of PTCL’s huge and complex multi-technology telecommunications
networks enabling to quickly detect any performance degradation. The system supports areas of Fault Management and Revenue Assurance providing a flexible network intelligence for Network Operation Centers, capacity planners, revenue controllers and executives.

“Suntech’s solution has helped us with increased visibility of our network performance,” says Kamran Sharif, head of NOC at PTCL. “The near real time processing of signaling has helped us diagnose and resolve network problems briskly and we have been able to deliver superior experience to our customers. Furthermore, the developed KPIs have also helped us identify grey traffic injections and through this we have ensured its blockage.”

“Implementation at PTCL is very important for us,” says Wojciech Franczak, Sales Manager of Suntech S.A. “This is our first project in Pakistan and since 2012 we have put our focus on this region of Asia. To successfully compete on this market you have to have a world-class product for reasonable price, and you have to be fast. Thanks to our implementation at PTCL we were able to prove that we poses all these assets.”

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