Friday, September 27, 2013

V3 Video Conferencing Solution - A Software Based Product by Wateen

Friday, September 27, 2013
Pakistan’s First Cloud-Based High-Definition Video Conferencing Solution

V3 is Pakistan’s fastest and most cost-effective, cloud based HD video conferencing solution for enterprises that require secure and comprehensive communication and collaboration among meeting rooms, desktops and smart devices (ios/android smartphones and tablets) through an intuitive cloud-based platform.

Backed by the technical expertise and reliability of Wateen Solutions, V3 offers high definition (up to 1080p) video conferencing for desktops and multipurpose conference rooms without the need for a large capital outlay or dedicated tele-presence studio. With V3, all you need is an HD-capable webcam and a computer (HD capability is a preferred requirement, whereas an SD setup can also work). You can even connect with your smartphone or tablet. It’s that simple and easy!

V3 simplifies real-time collaboration for everyone. Look eye to eye across a virtual desk with remote participants. Seeing them in life-size HD video and hearing what they say in crystal-clear HD audio. Feeling just like you’re in the same room, not miles apart.

Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness

V3 video conference calls are the epitome of anywhere and anytime access. There is no need for any hardware investment, yet V3 can be easily integrated with “Room Systems” of all known video conferencing brands. All you need to schedule and connect with user in a private cloud at a very affordable monthly subscription.

Dedicated Servers in Pakistan

Wateen is the first cloud-based video conferencing service provider in Pakistan that has its own dedicated video conferencing servers. Since the data doesn’t have to travel all the way to and from a server located on the other side of the globe, V3 is able to offer fast, high quality and reliable video conferencing with low latency and quick response times.

Functionality & Reliability

Since there is no need to install any hardware, there is no need for any in-house technical staff to manage a dedicated tele-presence studio. Wateen dedicated servers offer superior performance for variable conditions in the network. Whereas other video conference service providers are unable to sustain the connection in case of a 2% packet drop, V3 can continue to work seamlessly even when there is a 20% packet drop.

Dedicated Technical Support

Wateen has the largest technical support team available in Pakistan. Wateen’s highly skilled technical experts use advanced processes and tools to provide you with the consistency and world-class support you have come to expect from Wateen Solutions. Our technical experts are always available at our 24X7 dedicated corporate helpline (111-WATEEN). Wateen has 6+ years of experience in deploying, testing and commissioning of video conferencing solutions systems to multinational and local organizations of Pakistan.


It’s Cost Effective
  • A cost-effective and scalable multi-point video conferencing solution
  • No upfront cost for multiparty video conference bridge or a dedicated video server
  • No additional resource required to manage the video conferencing facility
  • No operational or maintenance cost
  • Get additional savings on bundling with Wateen bandwidth
It’s Adaptable
  • Rich Content Sharing: share presentations, documents and synchronized video in high definition
  • 100 video user can connect simultaneously
  • Connect from any device (tele-presence, room system, laptop, desktop, tablets and smartphones)
  • Lowest latency and resilience under shared internet connection with 20% packet loss recovery
  • Easy integration with “Room Systems” of all known video conferencing brands
  • Full integration with H.323/SIP Systems and smartphones (iOS/android) clients
It’s User Friendly
  • Independent administrative portal for booking and scheduling video conference for your organization
  • Dedicated 24×7 corporate helpline with access to skilled technical experts to meet your support requirement

Product Specifications

Minimum Requirements for Desktop Teleconferencing

1. Supported OS …. a. Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 …. b. Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” and later (Intel CPUs only) …. c. Recommended Configuration (Encodes SD and Decodes up to HD) …. d. Core 2 Duo 2Ghz …. e. 2Gb RAM …. f. 40Mb free space on HDD
2. Recommended Configuration (Encodes HD and Decodes up to HD)
…. a. Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz or better with DDR3 memory …. b. Core 2 Quad with DDR2 or DDR3 memory …. c. i7 based system
3. Recommended Bandwidth
…. a. High Definition: 1 Mbps …. b. Standard Definition: 512 Kbps

Minimum Requirements for H.323/SIP based Room System

1.  Recommended Bandwidth …. a. Standard Definition: 512 kbps …. b. High Definition 720p : 1 Mbps …. c. High Definition 1080p : 2 Mbps
2. Recommended Display
…. a. High definition LCD/LED/Projector
3. Speaker
…. a. Customer can use LCD/LED’s speaker or any 3rd party speaker
4. Microphone
…. a. Most of the H.323/SIP Room Systems have built-in microphone. If system doesn’t have microphone than customer can use 3rd party microphone that can support Room Systems.

Call 111-Wateen (111-928336) or send an email to for a Free Demo License.

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