Friday, September 28, 2012

Wateen continues leadership role in the ICT industry

Friday, September 28, 2012

In line with Wateen's vision of serving and enabling the world around us, the latest op-ed of its CEO, Naeem Zamindar, has been published in major magazines and telecom blogs.

The op-ed is about resolving the electricity crisis in Pakistan through WiMAX enabled Smart Grids. Adopting such steps will not only ensure resolution of the electricity shortfalls and related issues but will also be a natural evolution of WiMAX networks in order to achieve ubiquitous coverage in areas where they are deployed. You can view the article on ProPakistani in detail by clicking here.

Feel free to share this via email, social media sites and blogs and create awareness of the thought-leadership of Wateen in raising and providing technology solutions for issues that impact us on a daily basis.

We hope that raising awareness on these issues will enable Pakistan to progress to prosperity.


  1. I think this man should focus only WiMAX only

    1. What do you exactly want to say

    2. What I mean is he traitor. Do not expect any patriot task being done by him. He is just fooling the owners of company that he is foing this n that but infact he is just throwing dust in your eyes

    3. Do you know he is the BOD Board of director as well so why would he fool others as well

    4. What difference does it make if he is BOD


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