Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wateen Concept of Recharge Facility Through Retailers

Saturday, October 20, 2012
By Haroon Arshad

This method of payment for customers was implemented for some time back in June, 2009 but was instantly discontinued due to its failure caused by unawareness of customers. 

It merits mentioning here that Wateen rarely advertised this features. Wateen still has this feature enabled in tools that it uses for maintaining customer data base. They can still implement these payment methods depending on customer feedback.

Wateen Telecom Easy Load Feature:

Concept of Wateen Retailer Recharge Facility

Wateen Dealers/Retailers will be able to credit/top up Wateen Customer accounts through Telephony as well as Web Based Portal. Following are the three proposed modes of transactions for retailers/dealers

Market Analysis

The concept is common for GSM companies, however for Broadband companies such as Wateen, PTCL, WiTribe, Qubee, LDN/Mobilink Infinity and the like, this is a breakthrough concept and will help Wateen continue with its innovation that will set it apart from its competitors. 

Transaction Modes

Transaction Modes are Following

  • IVR
  • SMS
  • Web Portal

Steps to Recharge Through IVR

Advoss Converged Billing system will enable Wateen Retailers to transfer any amount of money to Wateen customer account by using Telephone (IVR) or through Web Portal. 

IVR (04238362840)

  • Dial 04238362840
  • Change PIN code for the first time
  • Redial 04238362840
  • Enter new Pin
  • Balance Detail
  • Press "1" for balance transfer and "2" for balance inquiry
  • "1" enter amount to be transferred
  • Enter Customer ID
  • Balance transfer detail
  • End

Steps to Recharge Through Web

Similarly retailer can transfer or credit Wateen customer account by using Internet Platform 

  • Login Retailer CRM
  • Select balance transfer to customer from dashboard
  • Search Customer in given criteria.
  • a. User Name
    c.Customer ID
  • Verify customer
  • Enter Amount
  • Click Save

Recharge Through SMS Short Code

Retailer would be provided with ANI account and through secure login on SMS short code, retailer can easily transfer credit to Wateen Customers

Write New Text Message

DBT-User Name-100 and send on 2414 & 2415


  • Customers will be able to load exact amount required to activate his/her account
  • Customers will not be required to go through the Recharge Portal as is the case with account top-up through WCard

SMS Alert of Payment Delivery

Dear Retailer, Rs.500 is transferred into your Wateen Account successfully. Your current balance is Rs.11500

Dear customer, Rs. 700 is transferred into your Wateen Account successfully. Receipt Number: 493885

Writer is an ex-employee of Wateen Telecom. Right now he is working in a Telecom company in United Arab Emirates.


  1. Who cares if they implement it or not

  2. To some customers it does matter

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