Saturday, November 17, 2012

Warid Brings 'My Status' Service For Its Customers

Saturday, November 17, 2012

For the 1st time in Pakistan, Warid allows you to notify callers of your status even before you pick up the call! By following a simple procedure, Warid customers can set a status message which will be displayed on the phone screen of the calling party while the call is connecting.

Now your friends, family and colleagues can know what you are up to even before you attend their call. This innovative service allows Warid subscribers to personalize status messages for individuals, groupsand general callers.
So enjoy another first from Warid’s superior quality network and connect with the world on your own terms!


In order to use My Status, users must register for the service
  • Send “ON” to 6661 to subscribe to this service
  • You will receive an SMS verifying your subscription from 6662.
  • Reply with ‘Set Gen Your Status’, for example SET GEN I AM PRAYING…PLEASE CALL ME BACK IN 15 MINS and send to 6662 to set your status.
  • Once you set up your status(es), your contact(s) will start receiving Flash SMS anytime they call you.
  • Weekly subscription charges of PKR 1.99+tax with automatic renewal* for prepaid subscribers.
  • Monthly subscription of PKR 29.99+tax for postpaid subscribers.
  • All SMS sent to 6662 are charged PKR 0.5+tax
In case customer does not have sufficient balance, the system will try for subsequent 90 days to charge him for this service. In case charging is still not successful, the system will delete the subscriber profile and customer shall have to subscribe to the service from start.

With My Status you can:

  • Create a general status: A general status is visible to all callers regardless if they are in any group/list.
  • Create individual status: You can set status for individual callers.
  • Create groups: You can create groups and set status individually for each group.
  • There are three types of group available
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Colleagues
  • Create Black list:You can create a black list for numbers you don’t want to send any status to.

The following hierarchy is followed when displaying status:
  • Black list check
  • Caller Status
  • Groups Status
  • General Status
Example: If a number is in a particular group he/she will not receive a general status, only group status shall be received any time they call you.


You can perform certain actions, like setting up a General status for all callers, setting up status for individual caller(s) & groups.

All commands are sent to 6662.

DescriptionKeywordsSend toExample
Service Subscription
Send “ON” to 6661
Send “OFF” to 6662
Set new or replace existing General Status
Set Gen
Send “set GEN I am in a meeting" to 6662
View Current General Status
View Gen
Send “view Gen” to 6662
Delete General Status
Del Gen
Send "DEL GEN" to 6662
View General Status
View Caller
Send "view caller 92321xxxxxxx" to 6662
Set new or replace existing Caller Status
Set Caller
Send " set caller 92321xxxxxxx Don’t forget, we've got to go someplace" to 6662
Delete Caller Status
Del Caller
Send "del caller 92321xxxxxxx" to 6662
Add Number to Group
Add [Group_Name] [MSISDN]
Send “Add Friends 92321xxxxxxx” to 6662
Delete Number from Group
Del [Group_Name] [MSISDN]
Send “del Friends 92321xxxxxxx” to 6662
View/List Numbers in Group
list [Group_Name]
Send "list Friends" to 6662
Clear Group Numbers
Clear Numbers [Group_Name]
Send "clear numbers Friends" to 6662
Get Group Status
view [Group_Name]
Send "view Friends" to 6662
Set new or replace existing Group Status
Set [Group_Name] [status]
Send "set Friends I am on vacation" to 6662
Clear Group Status
clear [Group_Name]
Send "clear Friends" to 6662
Put the last caller in black list
Send "Black" to 6662
Send "HELP" to 6662
Add Number to Black List
Add Black [MSISDN]
Send "Add Black 92321xxxxxxx" to 6662
Delete Number from Black List
Del Black [MSISDN]
Send "Del Black 92321xxxxxxx" to 6662
View Black List Numbers
List Black
Send "List Black" to 6662

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