Monday, December 10, 2012

Pakistan Hacks Foreign Ministry and 26 Other Bangladeshi Websites [UPDATED]

Monday, December 10, 2012

A cyber brawl started between Pakistani and Bangladeshi hackers when the latter hacked the official website of Punjab Assembly (PA) ( but Pakistani hackers regained control of the website and restored it within half an hour.

Bangladeshi hackers, calling themselves “Cr4ck-Br4iN, RoTating RoTor and Ablaze EVER”, used unknown IP addresses and hacked the Punjab Assembly’s official website on Sunday morning.

As a result official page of Bangladeshi Foreign ministry has been hacked. When visited yesterday evening – was found hacked and defaced with the message that proclaimed the green letters with a black background on the ministry's website, reported bdnews24.

They also gave a list of 26 websites hacked. Most of the hacked websites belong to educational institutions.

Yes, Mofa.Gov.Bd along with 26 other Bangladeshi websites belonging to educational institutions were hacked yesterday (and are still defaced). The list includes the website of Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation.

The foreign ministry has so far failed to restore its site until late Sunday night.

Currently hackers identifying themselves as 'Pakistan Army' on Sunday claimed to have jammed websites of at least 26 government offices, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

With the slogan, "Pakistan Zindabad" hackers in their message concludes with the threat of outage of more websites by stating "More to come.

Several Upazila Parishad websites and a part of the website of Bangladesh Air Force were also on the list.

The hackers used some symbols just below the announcement on the site.

"This is a PayBack From Pakistan Cyber Army. This is not a game you kidz, Don't play with fire," the writing continued on the site.

"If you lamers wont stop fucking around with our Cyber Space, we will make your Cyber Space Hell."

Check below the of hacked Mofa.Gov.Bd – which is still in-tact for few users.


  1. my website is also hacked by Bangladeshi hackers :@

  2. sorry to hear that what exactly is the reason for them to hack your site?

  3. dont know what is the reason it hacked on 5.24Am PST

  4. I think you hosted it on wordpress, have you conatacted them to get it restored?

  5. yes it is on wordpress

    to whome i contact to restore ?

  6. index page is not working but i can access my dashboard


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