Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Warid launches the Unblock Me Service for Postpaid subscribers

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Warid Telecom, the leading innovator in Pakistan’s telecommunications industry, has released another Industry First service: Unblock Me service for Warid Postpaid customers.

Unblock Me service provides all Warid Postpaid customenrs who are tired of getting their outgoing blocked every month and don’t have enough time to pay their bill the option of continue using their mobile phone without rushing to make the payment. With Unblock Me service, the customers can make calls even if their outgoing has been blocked. 

In order to keep up with their image of providing a solution to the needs of their customers and keeping their comfort in mind, Unblock Me is an addition to services like Advance Balance and Balance Transfer, allowing Warid customers to keep on using their services without any hindrance.

To restore your number just dial *147*1#. An SMS will be received by the customer notifying that their outgoing capability has been restored for a limited time period. Only customers who haven’t reached 100% of their limit are able to use this service. Dialling *147*1# is free of cost though service charges of Rs.5.00+tax apply for each request sent.

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