Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Get Wateen Selfcare Portal Login Issues Fixed

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It has been reported by some Wateen users that Wateen Selfcare Portal is not working properly when they try to login to recharge their account or when they want to check account usage details. 

Login Issue of Wateen Selfcare Portal

Well I have not found any issues with both the selfcare portals www.selfcare.wateen.net and www.selfcare.wateen.com. Be aware that if you are accessing selfcare.wateen.net on any WiMAX device of Wateen, you don’t need to login as this portal is binded with the MAC address of your registered Wateen device. 

You will notice that once you open this portal, you will be auto logged in and you can recharge your account and check usage details as well. 

For those of you having login issue on selfcare.wateen.com, be aware that Wateen has added @wateen.net just next to the box where you enter your username. What most of Wateen customers do is that they enter complete username for example ahmad.raza@wateen.net which is wrong because this makes it a duplicate of @wateen.net and therefore you end up facing issue logging in. 

What you need to do is only enter the first part of your username as ahmad.raza and then enter your password in the password box and hit enter. You will be logged in.

Prepaid.wateen.net is No Longer Working

Also note that prepaid.wateen.net is no longer active as Wateen has changed its selfcare portal address. Some of the customer also try to access Wateen prepaid portal because on old Wateen Cards (WCards) still www.prepaid.wateen.net is mentioned. 

You should also note that selfcare.wateen.com will not be accessible from Wateen device if your account is in negative state. For as long as negative you will only have access to selfcare.wateen.net. But once you recharge your account, you will be able to open it. 

It merits mentioning here that selfcare.wateen.net is not full of features that other Wateen selfcare portal selfcare.wateen.com offers. For Instance with selfcare.wateen.net, you are limited to only a couple of options as redeem voucher and check usage details. Whereas with selfcare.wateen.com, you can have access to all the features of Wateen selfcare portal. For details keep reading. 

Visibility and Access of FNF Addition/Deletion on Wateen Selfcare Portal

  • Add your favorite Friend and Family (FNF) numbers on your account for calling international numbers (US, UK and Canada) on cheapest rates
  • View your calling history of FNF
  • Check your balance, data usage and voice usage

Add Request for Change of Wateen Package

You can not only view your current package but also forward your request for change of package yourself.

Visibility of Complete Account Details on Selfcare Portal

You can view your Customer ID, Internet Username, Internet Package, Telephone Number, Voice Package, Billing Date, Billing Type, Platform, CPE Type and MAC Address. 

You can see all the messages sent out to you by Wateen, view your profile details that are available with Wateen as your provided service and billing address. From this portal, you can select your preferred IVR language (Urdu, English and Pushto) when you can call helpline 111 365 111. You can generate new complaints and view previous complaint history. View your payment history and line rent details. You can also change your password from this portal.

You can also view all the updates released by Wateen on this portal as Wateen has recently impose an increase of Rs. 50 on all Wateen WiMAX accounts. Just above the header you can view these latest updates.


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