Friday, November 23, 2012

Roll Out of Wateen Airport Kiosks

Friday, November 23, 2012

Roll out of Wateen kiosks has started with Karachi airport being completed this week and soon this project shall be completed at all major airports of Pakistan.

A little while ago, Wateen inked an agreement with Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan whereby Wateen was permitted to create a WiFi mesh at all airports. 

The mesh was completely installed a few months ago and this has enabled travelers to use their mobile devices to browse, email and download using high speed internet provided by Wateen. 

Furthermore, all major airports have also permitted Wateen to place kiosks in their departure and VIP lounges to facilitate those travelers which don't happen to carry internet enabled mobile devices with them at the time but need to have access to the internet.

Wateen has always believed in enabling people to do more on the go and this is just one step towards this belief.

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