Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Transworld to Get Increased (High) Latencies to Eastern Routes/Destinations: Planned Activity

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

SMW4 Consortium has conveyed the schedule of planned maintenance activity to replace a faulty repeater in SMW4 Segment S1.3 (Near Singapore) between (Thailand) and Melaka (Malaysia) during 12-16 Nov 2012.

As per Plan of Work, prior to the commencement of repeater replacement operation on 12 Nov 2012, power re-configuration will be carried out on 10 Nov 2012 at 1900UTC (1200 AM dated 11 November 2012) during which SMW4 Eastern traffic will remain down for 3-4 hours.

As per resource in the company, you may observe degraded services in peak hours during maintenance activity.

Activity Schedule:

Schedule Start: 12th  November, 2012 

Schedule End:   16th  Novermber,2012
Impact:            Increased (High) Latencies to eastern routes/Destinations only

Due to this traffic towards eastern countries (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Japan etc) will be affected with High latencies.


As per Transworld their upstream service providers have urgent maintenance activity therefore there is a bit change in the planned activity.


Schedule Start   :              15th November, 2012
Schedule End     :              20th November, 2012

Pakistan Internet Exchange:

Schedule Start   :              13th November, 2012
Schedule End     :              16th November, 2012


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