Sunday, November 18, 2012

Twitter Updates iPhone and Android Mobile Apps

Sunday, November 18, 2012

For those of you twitter users who have access to your accounts through an iPhone or Android handset can now see headlines and photos, find out well-known twitter posts and search for a new viewpoint, declares the micro-blogging site.

This new design for mobile brings the content of each Tweet front and center, enabling twitter users to preview photos and article summaries without a tap in Discover and search results. 

Discover on helps find popular and trending topics among friends and family in a simple stream of Tweets. To see a continuous stream of news, photos and other stories shared by the people, you can just tap “View all Tweets”.

In search, photos from relevant results will appear at the top of the stream to see what is happening from multiple perspectives.

Twitter added three new elements in search: view photos and videos first, see headlines and photos, and understand context.

People share stories on Twitter through photos and videos. The updated app now opens a grid of the most relevant media above the stream of Tweets when searching for a person, an event or a hashtag.

Media instantly appearas in search results stream on an iPhone or Android device. Photos and article summaries automatically show previews on what is happening.

Twitter users can now see context like who favorited or retweeted right there in the Tweet.

These search results are now available on and Twitter’s updated mobile apps for iPhone and Android.


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