Sunday, December 02, 2012

No Elections in Pakistan - A Patriotic Caretaker Government is The Right Option

Sunday, December 02, 2012
Before we start it merits mentioning here that we as Pakistanis should be unbiased for the sake of Pakistan. Most of you might not like this but to us this does really make sense considering the situations we are in. Right to information of everyone of you, remains the purpose of this article.

PTI supporters want that one chance must be given to Imran also and for that elections must be held under these anarchic war conditions despite the fact that country is already facing a total system failure with a failed judiciary, treacherous media and an urban anarchic war at hand. OK, lets take the argument on its face value. If suppose there are free and fair elections (which is impossible wit
h Zardari and MQM controlling all the state organs), then there can be only 3 possibilities.

1. PTI sweeps the elections, get a majority vote, become the largest party to make a government with IK as PM.

2. PTI also get few dozen seats just as other parties and all MQM, PPP, ANP, PML(N) and JUI like snakes also make it to the parliament and it is a hung parliament where all parties make government just as it is today. PTI becomes just another party with couple of ministries in the government.

3. PTI gets very few seats and decides to sit in the opposition and let the PPP, MQM, ANP, JUI and PML (N) run the government as they do now, looting and robbing the country with impunity.

PTI members say they will never accept option 2 and will never make a government with Zardari, Altaf, Fazal r rehman and Nawaz. If this happens, the scenario would be exactly the same as it is today. Same parties, same corruption and powerless PTI. So whats the point of elections ?

That means we have only Option 1 and 3 left.

If option 3 is forced upon PTI, then the government would be exactly the same as it is now -- all the corrupt parties back in power with PTI sitting alone in the opposition, without power and authority. So again whats the point of elections ?

Only option 1 suits PTI, which in all honesty is impossible. MQM and Zardari are already fixing the elections. Over 3 million votes from Karachi have been shifted to upcountry to defeat all non-MQM parties. In recent senate elections, each senator was sold for nearly 65 crore rupees right under the nose of the Supreme Court and the CJ stays silent. How can they control the corruption in general elections in times of war ??? PTI is still not a strong party in all provinces and would at best bag 30 to 40 NA seats in a house of over 300.

On the other hand, risk of holding elections under these conditions is so catastrophic that the country would not be able to recover from the chaos, anarchy and violence which would follow the elections.

We understand the emotions of the PTI members. They are young and impulsive and feel that they have a chance but they do not realize the risks and threats to the country and the stakes involved if option 1 is not materialized. Remember Syria and Libya. The enemy is waiting to exploit the internal anarchy to turn our mistakes into catastrophic blunder.

It would be much better to have a patriotic technocratic caretaker government for 3 years to stabilize the country, remove the corruption and defeat the TTP and the gangs of Karachi and then bring about a representative government through a system change to make sure that only those people come to power who do not violate article 62,63 of the constitution. PTI should itself demand a patriotic caretaker government and support the army and judiciary to bring good people who can recover Pakistan from this chaos.

If the purpose is to serve Pakistan, a patriotic caretaker government is the right option. If the purpose is to grab power only, then go for the elections. You will soon regret.

Today, if elections are held, every snake from these present ruling parties would be back in power, violating article 62,63 of the constitution and then we will never be forgiven by Allah (swt) for our collective sins and blunders. SC is not interested in justice or the constitution else all political parties of Pakistan would be disqualified.

We know, it would be difficult for the PTI members to understand and accept this reality. We do not blame them. They were not born when East Pakistan tragedy took place and when the country went into a civil war after the elections. Perhaps, this generation only wants to learn the hard way and do not wish to take sincere advice. If this is what Allah wills, then this is what this nation will get. We don't care what others think about us. Our duty is to warn you. If you do not listen, then wait. you will soon find out.

Via Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid


  1. if Elections are held in Pakistan which party would you support and why, share your reasons for that


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