Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Update: Mubasher Lucman Looks for New Website After Getting Hacked

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

As reported previously about Hacking of famous TV Anchor Mubasher Lucman's Official website, we corresponded with Mubasher to know what action he will take to get his website released from hackers.

He revealed that he even knows who are after him to hack his website and if he file charges against them, someone in government might think that he is just blaming them. Upon asking what action he will take if they hack his website again, he said he will go hard on them.

You will get surprised to know that he has given up hopes on getting his website released as he looks forward to get a new one. 

It feels strange as mentioned on ProPakistani that his website has been hacked and defaced again today, we think he might have tried to get it restored even after telling us that he is not looking to get it released from hackers.

Anyways enjoy the correspondence of PTETECH with Mubasher Lucman on twitter attached below.


  1. I hope his site gets hacked again. That will be real fun when he boasts about his POWERS again :D



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