Sunday, November 25, 2012

How Websites and Blogs Steal Your Articles

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Let me help you find out what happens when someone copy your article and simply put it in article spinner and then paste it on his website without even bothering to read it.

Regardless of material makes any sense or not some freaks out there are just making a duplication of original content without the permission of its owner and that too without any credits or link backs. Article published on PTETech with the title " Faces Glitches, Working Slow Since Morning" was copied and published on with title "Faces Glitches slow work since morning". Please don't tell me it makes any sense.

Several times you must have already read it openly on ProPakistani that they take a strict action against those who are doing this copy and paste activity. 

I remember this quote from ProPaksitani: 

There are dozens of blogs and newspapers copying ProPakistani’s content. We used to warn them individually, and requesting them nicely for not doing it. However, all our requests were put on deaf ears, and causing damage to us (in terms of Google Ranking and monetarily as well). 
Gentlemen, the content provided to you comes after tons of effort and money that we spend on it. We need some appreciation in return after you use this content, that’s our right, and do preserve it.

But it is awfully strange, how people still keep on doing this, from big websites to small bloggers everyone has got indulged in this.

Take a look at the website who keeps on stealing articles so severely that it feels if this is the other domain handled by ProPakistani, which is actually not. Most of the articles along with images are either taken from ProPakistani or PTETech blog without any credits.

You will be surprised enough to take a look at an Indian blog who seems to believe that there is no rule of finding the original owner of the story and who broke the news and they can just paste the stories from around the web and give credit to the website on which they have seen it first.

I have personally tried to request the admin of to give credit to its original owner, I seem to be failed as they prefer to give credit to their own domain rather than giving it to someone else filtering the original owners.

See the correspondence below that was done on the link 

For those of you who keep on stealing content on the internet, I believe there is no use of it. But if you can put some of your efforts, it won’t go fruitless and then you will see the results of your work otherwise it is a waste of time.

Though there are a lot of bloggers/websites around there who do not care to credit you when sharing your stuff, there are nice people also who do care for an example my first achievement was getting my work done on PTETech officially published on ProPakistani and then yesterday on TechCrunch.


  1. listen ibnlive is
    Firstpost's own domain thats why they care to give credit to them rather than ProPakistani

  2. I have learned one thing, do your work honestly and Allah will reward you. If it were the people of this earth to reward/credit for the things you do then you would have died of hunger by now.

    Its sad that people lift your work and don't credit, but that's how this works.

    What I have observed over the time is that these lifters fade away by time. They are short-time webmasters -- born to ruin our SERP :-) but thankfully, as mentioned before, they disappear quickly.


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