Saturday, December 01, 2012

Zong Offers Branchless Banking Services TimePey

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Following Mobilink's Mobicash and Telenor's Easypaisa, Zong has launched Timepey, a branchless banking service that offers the most convenient access to Financial Services for everybody. Whether you are a ZONG customer or not and for that matter whether you are a mobile phone user or not, Timepey offers services that define the way for you to perform financial transactions. From paying utility bills to sending money to your loved ones to paying for food and fees, the options are literally unlimited and the best part is the ease with which each and every one of your financial transaction could be carried out.

Since this is a news service, interested users would love to learn following facts about the services.

Is it necessary to get registered for using Timepey?

Registering for Timepey is opening an account for the service providing additional benefits and lower charges but anyone can walk into any of our agent outlet to avail different services under Timepey.

What place should I visit for registration?

A customer can register for Timepey Account from any of the ZONG Franchises, ZONG CSC or Bank branches. All they need to have is a valid and original NARDA CNIC.

What if a customer wants to get registered via email or fax?

As per regulations the customer/customer needs to visit any CSC, Franchisee or Bank branch to register to Timepey.

How to be a part of this service, for restaurant/school etc owners?

This comes under Merchant account and can be done via the Timepey Merchant part of the website.

Can the limits be increased or decreased?

The limits are as per SBP approved regulations and cannot be changed for Level 0 and Level 1 accounts.

What are the charges for registration?

Rs 50.

What are the charges against any transaction?

Charges for each transaction are listed below:

Is there any upper or lower limit of the transaction? (Limits as per SBP provided, in case of deviation the updated would be shared)

The limits for transactions are as per State Bank of Pakistan guidelines. They are as follows: 

Level 0 account:  
Per Transaction Rs. 500
Per Day Rs. 5,000
Throughput Rs. 10,000/ month and Rs. 60,000/year
Level 1 account:  
Per Transaction Rs. 2,500
Per Day Rs. 10,000
Throughput Rs. 20,000/ month and Rs. 120,000/year
List of Merchants where customers can pay via Timepey Account?

Merchant network list in available in the Timepey Merchant section of the website.

What Transactions can be performed by the Timepey customer?

The following transactions can be performed via the Timepey account: 

Timepey Account to Timepey Account
Timepey Account to CNIC
CNIC to Timepey Account

Who can make a Money Transfer transaction? Is it for ZONG customers only?

Any person can make a Money Transfer transaction and send money to another person. The only requirement is that both sender and receiver should hold a valid NADRA CNIC and submit photocopies of their CNICs to Timepey.

Where can a customer send or receive a Money Transfer from?

For Money Transfer, a customer can approach any CSC, Bank branch, ZONG Franchise or any Timepey agent agents while doing a sending or receiving transaction. Expired CNICs will not be catered.

How long does the Money Transfer transaction take? How long does the Receiver have to wait after a sender has sent money?

Money Transfer sending or receiving is done instantly.

Is there a time limit for customer to receive a Money Transfer transaction?

Though there is no time limit as such but as per Regulation all un-claimed amounts will be surrender to SBP after 10 years. However, it is recommended for customers to claim their money transfer transaction within 30 working days of transaction.

Does a customer need to have a mobile phone to conduct Money Transfer?

No, there is no mandatory requirement for the sender or the receiver to provide mobile phone number. The benefit of providing mobile phone number is that they will be able to receive the transaction information messages. Secondly this will be helpful in logging complaints and lastly conducting transaction through Mobile Phone can lead to lower charges.

Will the customer get a receipt or any SMS notification after the transactions?

SMS notification will be sent to the sender and the receiver or the customer at the time any transaction or any leg of the transaction is completed. This is only if mobile phone numbers have been provided for the transaction. Apart from the SMS notifications, the Timepey agent will provide a system generated, signed transaction receipt to both the sender and receiver having the transaction and other details.

What should a customer do if he forgets his transaction PIN?

The Customer needs to visit the nearest CSC, Franchise, Bank Branch and take his original NADRA CNIC with him.

What will be the process if a customer forgets the Transaction ID?

The Transaction ID is on the receipt that an agent gives to the customer after the transaction. The customer must keep this receipt for verification. Additionally, if the customer has forgotten his Transaction ID, he may obtain it by calling the help line after verification and providing the required information.

What if the customer doesn't receive the confirmation message?

The customer should ensure that the phone numbers mentioned on the transaction receipt are correct. He should then call the helpline and after verification, the call center agent will confirm the transaction status and if required have the confirmation messages resent.

Who can be Timepey Branchless Banking account holder?

Any ZONG customer with a valid and original NADRA CNIC can sign up for a Timepey account.

What if the customer does not own a ZONG SIM?

In that case, the customer can either have MNP into ZONG or buy a new ZONG connection, either pre-paid or post-paid. In both the cases, the Timepey account will only be opened once the customer record is successfully updated with relevant ownership details in the system.

Can a customer have more than one Mobile Account associated to his/her number?

As per State Bank of Pakistan rules, there can be only one Mobile Account per Customer.

Can a customer have multiple Mobile Accounts against multiple SIMs? How many at maximum?

As per State Bank of Pakistan rules, there can be only one Mobile Account per Customer no matter how many phone numbers they have. The Mobile Account will only be associated with one ZONG MSISDN.

What is the Timepey Account Number?

The customer Mobile Number is the Account number. Additional security measure for devising account number would be looked into.

What is the PIN?

After the account creation, the customer would get an alpha-numeric PIN code for Account which the customer has to change. Similar to an ATM PIN code, this PIN code will be used to authorize all transactions from the Timepey Account. Without this PIN code, no transactions will be possible. It is extremely important for the customer not to share this PIN code with anybody.

How secure is the Timepey Account?

Timepey Accounts encompass the same level of security as an ATM. Further to this, all transactions from the mobile phone are encrypted using standard GSM encryption.

What if the customer forgets his Timepey account PIN?

In this case, the customer needs to call the help line to log a request for PIN reset. The customer will get a verification call from the team and after successful verification; a new PIN will be communicated to the customer.

What if a customer’s SIM is stolen, is the Timepey Mobile Account compromised?

No, the account is never compromised because it cannot be used without the customer’s secret PIN code. The customer should call the help line and log a request for blocking the stolen SIM. After verification from the customer, the SIM will be blocked, the account will be blocked and the customer’s PIN reset. The customer can then collect a replacement SIM from any ZONG CSC or Franchise and continue using his Timepey Account after changing his PIN.

How can a customer access his/her Timepey account?

The account could be accessed through the USSD command string or through the STK/DSTK. Other channels like GPRS, web etc would be added.

What are the different services that are provided with Timepey account?

The following services are offered on a Timepey account 

Utility Bill Payment
Money Transfer
Cash In
Cash Out
Account Transfers

What is Cash In and what does the customer require before performing Cash In?

Cash In is basically adding money to the Timepey account. A customer needs to have a ZONG SIM and a valid Timepey account to do successful Cash In.

What is Cash Out and what does the customer require before performing Cash Out?

Cash Out is basically withdrawing money from the Timepey account. A customer needs to have a ZONG SIM, a valid Timepey account and available funds in the account to do successful Cash Out.

What is the procedure for closing Timepey account?

To close a Timepey Account, the customer would need to visit a CSC, Franchise or Bank branch and fill the account closing form. The request is then sent to Bank Team and the Bank Team after verification from the customer would close the customer's account. Any remaining balance in the account can be picked up from the same CSC, Franchise or Bank branch where the request was initiated to close the account.

What if the customer wants to MNP out to another operator?

The customer has to first close their Timepey Account before being able to MNP out.

What if a customer wants to terminate his Mobile Phone services?

The customer has to first close his/her Timepey account and then request for mobile phone service termination.

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